Here at Phenomenal Group we offer branding services, we’ve worked for years to hone our craft, like every other legitimate graphic designer across the world has. 

We pride ourselves on understanding what businesses require when it comes to their branding and how they want to appeal to their target customer. 

When we sit down with new start ups or existing businesses we ask them specific questions relating to their goals, ambitions and the way they currently view their own brand.

However, of late we’ve started to notice a lot of “logo businesses” that pop up offering “Logo design” for minimal amounts and people flocking to have their logo created because of the low price.

We get it, in the early stages of creating a business money is tight and you feel that there are other things that you need to prioritise your money towards, but skimping on the way your brand looks can be detrimental to your business and most importantly your sales. 

We offer a “New Business Start Up Package” which includes the fundamentals of what we feel business owners need to make their brand stand out and look professional when they embark of this journey known as a “Start Up Business”, why do we feel business owners need it? Because we’ve been there, we’ve been in your shoes, we’ve been a new start up, we’ve worked with start ups, we’ve worked with long standing businesses and we know (as do other branding/design agencies) what you require. 

Sure you can use Fiverr, Canva, or an app to create a logo but you are not actually creating a “BRAND”, you are not harnessing years of experience and knowledge when you go down this route.

There’s an old saying “Pay peanuts, Get Monkeys” and we are seeing a lot of monkeys making appearances at present looking to make a quick £50 or in some cases £1.50, yes legitimately we’ve seen logo design (if we can use that term with that price) offered for one hundred and fifty English pence! The mind boggles! 

When looking for someone to create your logo there are a number of questions you should be asking such as….

  1. Why are they quoting me this price? 
  2. What do I get for the price? 
  3. How does their portfolio look? 
  4. Will I get all the variations of the logo I require for different formats (don’t worry we’ll cover that in our next blog)? 

You as a business owner need to know that you are putting your new logo in the hands of a trusted, recommended and reliable agency that can create a brand that befits what you want it to say. Of course this will sometimes be a little bit more expensive than you’d like it to be, however it is a valuable expense having a logo that shapes your brand. 

Don’t worry, the reason for those questions will all become clear in our next blog entitled What your Branding (Or Graphic Design Agency) should be providing you when they create a logo for your business so keep your eyes peeled for it dropping at the start of next week. 

As always if you are thinking about starting a new business or have an existing business that requires the help of a leading Social Media, Marketing, Advertising and Branding Agency then you are on the right blog.

Phenomenal Group has a proven track record in helping brands grow on Social Media as well as creating fantastic logo’s and marketing material that really help you stand out from your competitors. 

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