The world’s been a weird place over the last 18 months because of covid-19 and all that has come with it, but one thing that we have seen a lot of is the importance of supporting local in these trying times.

We’ve always believed in supporting local business and sports clubs to try to help them grow and reach their potential.

Originally our brand started off as a way to help Cricket and Football Clubs obtain sponsorship through a series of “Commercial Packages”. As our business has evolved to a leading Social Media, Marketing, Advertising and Branding Agency, one thing has remained constant and that is, that we support local.

We’ve kept an eye on the way Businesses and Sports Clubs have responded to the pandemic and it’s been pleasant to see the way that they’ve used these challenges to grow their brands, but what if there was a way to grow your brand whilst also supporting local. 

That’s where we come in.

As a leading Social Media, Marketing, Advertising and Branding Agency we know all about how to grow brands whether that be at a business or sporting level and we understand that businesses Marketing strategies are primarily focused on ROI (return on investment), but what if the return on your investment wasn’t monetary but more community based? 

What if your investment meant that you were giving an opportunity to a local grassroots Sports Club to provide a safe haven to youngsters in your town? 

What if your investment helped you to gain new followers on your Social Media platforms that supported you because you’ve supported something that means so much to them?

Now don’t get us wrong we aren’t advising you to blow all your Marketing budget on advertising at one of your local sports clubs, that would just be unwise and irresponsible of us, but what we are suggesting is that you look at how you can create a Community feel to your brand by being involved with clubs of that nature.

The goodwill your brand builds through investing in your local community long term provides more of a pay off than any ad campaign could do. 

Goodwill goes a long way, it helps to drive the key referral mechanism which is “word of mouth”. Just by having your branding associated with a community sports club you’ll already be one step ahead of your local competitors because you’ll have begun to grow your brand by cultivating new followers of your business.

However this relationship isn’t just about you as a business owner investing financially in a “Commercial Package” at a local Sports Club. It’s a two way street and in return it’s down to Sports Clubs to make sure that they are doing their best to ensure that you see some form of return, whether this is by them waxing lyrical about you on their Social platforms, showcasing your details in their pavilion or clubhouse, or working with you to see if there is anything else they can do to go above and beyond to help generate leads for your business. 
We work with a number of Sports Clubs at present to oversee their Commercial and Social Media activities in a bid to remove the stigma of being deemed “amateur” and to ensure that brands like yours are given the exposure that your investment deserves to allow the partnership to flourish.

If you’d like to discuss how to make the most out of becoming involved with a local Sports Club than look no further than Phenomenal Group, a leading Social Media, Marketing, Advertising and Branding Agency based in Bury.

You can contact our offices on 0161 464 3336 or via email info@phenomenal-group.co.uk