All businesses need to market themselves and in this ever changing world they need to make sure that their marketing is on fire. 

Now you may not have the budget to hire an in house Marketing Manager or even have a Marketing department but the fact is that Marketing makes up a large part of your business. 

As a business owner you’ll probably be doing your own marketing and judging when and where to spend your marketing budget without looking at how it affects you. 

You’ve got so many opportunities in front of you to get your business noticed whether that its ; 

  • Social Media, 
  • Google Adwords, 
  • S.E.O, 
  • Email Campaigns, 
  • YouTube, 
  • Direct Marketing 
  • Leaflets, 
  • Billboard Ads
  • Radio 

But how do you manage it all as well as running the day to day aspect of your business? 

Hiring someone in-house with experience to manage your Marketing can be expensive as you’re paying their wages, plus tax and national insurance along with pension contributions in some cases which means you are looking for minimum £35,000 a year for someone with the experience you require. 

Then if you want to grow a team around them you’re looking at a minimum of £20,000 per employee. 

Then you have your actual Marketing budget which can be in 5 figures alone for the year meaning that your Marketing has to be profitable from the very start. 

What does retaining a Marketing Agency mean? 

Retaining a Marketing Agency’s services means that you have a Marketing Agency on hand each and every month to assist you with your Marketing on a retainer contract. 

Why is this beneficial to your business? 

It means that by having an Agency on retainer you are able to call upon their services throughout the month and they will dedicate time and resources towards assisting you with your marketing needs! 

They are skilled at their craft and know how marketing works for businesses of all sizes, providing vital and valuable input into your marketing campaigns.

They’ll work with you to create KPI’s (Key performance indicators) that can be measured each month so that you know what goals your creative marketing is working towards.

What does a Marketing Agency do? 

A marketing argument such as ourselves works with your business to make sure you are marketing your brand correctly, reaching your target audience, understanding your brand to know what marketing strategy works and delivering content that reflects your brand values and tone of voice on a variety of campaigns. 

But A Marketing Agency costs a fortune? 

Wrong, Retaining a Marketing Agency’s services doesn’t have to cost the earth and in some instances (such as ourselves) can actually cost less than hiring an in house Marketing Manager. You pay a retainer fee for their services each month meaning they are on hand as and when you need them. 

If you are struggling with your marketing, or don’t have time to do your own then it’s always wise to speak to a marketing agency for advice.

At Phenomenal Group we offer a free Marketing Strategy Session with a no obligation quote at the end.

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