We spoke in our last blog about why you should be using an agency like us for your logo requirements as rather than obtaining a logo through canva, fiverr or off a cheap as chips Logo designer, but now we look at what you should be getting from that agency when they create your brand new logo! 

Creating a logo is not just a process of simply getting a fancy typeface (font) an icon, picking your favourite colours and thinking that this is a logo for a professional business, it’s much more, it’s about creating something that will resonate with your target audience, which appeals to them, makes them recognise you and helps you to stand out from the crowd. 

When you are having a logo created by a Branding Agency such as ourselves you must understand that there will be a lot of options provided to you as part of the process…..

How your logo looks horizontally, how it looks stacked, you’ll notice from time to time we switch between both on our marketing material depending on what fits better. 

How it looks with the colours reversed?

How it looks in black and white? 

How it appears on branded clothing, signage, billboards, business cards etc?. 

But why do we throw all this at you? 

Because as a leading Branding Agency we want you to see how the finished product will look, that is of course once you’ve decided on which one of our phenomenal logo designs you intend to use for your brand (we’ll normally give you 4 to choose from in a variety of colours) 

Once you’ve decided on which logo you want to go with then what should you expect to receive from a Branding (or Design) Agency? 

Well each Agency is different but we provide you with your logo in a variety of file formats which we’ve listed below for you…

AI – illustrator file (original) 

PDF – editable pdf version 

SVG – Scalable Vector Graphic version fit for websites

JPG – standard image version of your logo 

PNG – clear background image 

And you’ll get these files for your logo in reversed colour format and with transparent backgrounds, the reason being we want you to have every possible file that you’ll need whether that be for your website, social media platforms, business cards or on clothing.

But that isn’t all you should be getting….

You’ll also receive a BRAND GUIDELINES, this will provide you with all the information you as a business owner require for when you are looking at marketing your business in different formats.

A brand guidelines outlines the exact colour codes used for your logo. 

The typeface family used, and the sub fonts attached to your brand so that all your marketing material is correct before it goes to print and fully represents your brand the way you intended it to be.

A brand guidelines is an extremely helpful tool for a business to have, it helps suppliers, freelancers, branding agencies and even staff know which colours, typeface and style of logo they should be using that represents the brand in the way the owners want it to be seen.

And finally you’ll receive visuals of how your final logo will look on Business Cards, Social media and clothing as we want you to fully embrace your brand new logo before you launch it to your audience.

Now don’t get us wrong this is not the standard all Branding (or Design) Agencies set but this is what we know helps business owners with their brand in the early stages or when they are looking to revamp their existing logo in the future. 

As always if you are thinking about starting a new business or have an existing business that requires the help of a leading Social Media, Marketing, Advertising and Branding Agency then you are on the right blog.

Phenomenal Group has a proven track record in helping brands grow on Social Media as well as creating fantastic logos and marketing material that really help you stand out from your competitors. 

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