Now don’t get us wrong we’d love to say that this blog will give you all the answers that you need to have the masses flocking to your Social Media pages but unfortunately despite common preconception that doesn’t just happen from writing one post. 

You’ve got your business page, you’ve got a product/service that you want people to buy from you and you’re on your way. Now whether you are a sole trader or SME you want people to see you on Social Media, but there are a few things that will get in the way of reaching your target client. 

  1. Lack of time – You struggle to find the time to dedicate to social media to structure your daily content.
  2. Lack of followers/page likes – You’ve set your page up but with the exception of friends on Facebook no one else can see it.
  3. Lack of ideas – you’ve got your service/product but not sure whether you are writing content that will promote it to reflect your brand. 
  4. Worried about other people’s opinion’s – There will always be those out there who do not want to see your brand succeed and will post negatively in order to get the upper hand. 

So how do you overcome these issues? 

Well, if you are not yet at the point were you can afford to outsource your Social Media platforms to a Social Media Agency (like ourselves) then there are a few things you can do to get off on the right foot. 

  1. Lack Of Time – Creating content requires a structured approach in order to make your pages successful, look at how busy your day’s are and plan when you can set a side 90 minutes to plot your content for the week or the month. Once you’ve plotted your content there are a number of Content Scheduling platforms out there for you to take advantage of such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Zoho social. 
  1. Lack of followers/page likes – in the early days you are going to feel like your Facebook page is a lonely place with low number of likes and shares, of course what you are selling may not be to everyone’s taste but invite as many of your friends as you can to give that page a small following, once you’ve done that look at joining local “what’s on” and “business groups”. When you’ve done this make sure you are sharing your content and interacting with other business owners on the page to give your following a shot in arm. 
  1. Lack of Ideas – you may not always have engaging/insightful content from your business that you can post to keep your audience interested, sometimes they may get bored of seeing the same content rehashed over and over. This is where filler content comes into play, make use of your audience, try other ways to engage with them and make conversation. This can include running polls, sharing client feedback, motivational quotes, latest industry news, content that shows that you aren’t just a page looking to sell, sell, sell
  1. Worried about other people’s opinions – You are in business now, it’s a dog eat dog world out there and you are bound to see comments from competitors or people who don’t like the goods/services you are providing. There is no reason to fear this happening, embrace it, use it as fuel to learn and grow your brand in the way that you want to because there will always be far more positives than negatives over the course of your journey (Unless your customer service is truly awful, but you’re reading this and clearly have ambitions to grow your business).

We hope that this latest blog has been useful for your business and how to get moving on Social Media. If you’d like to have a conversation about Social Media Marketing and how outsourcing to an Agency like ourselves can be of benefit to your business then please feel free to get in touch via our contact page.