Running your own business can be extremely time consuming, you work in your business rather than on your business more than you’d like and it can be very frustrating not getting everything done that you want to. 

Things generally tend to get missed and neglected, it’s understandable and it happens. 

Your Social Media schedule is one of those components of your business that you want to make sure doesn’t get neglected, but it can be hard coming up with new content to post for your audience when you are struggling for time. 

We’ve put together a list of Social Media Ideas that you can us to fill up your calendar when scheduling your content. 

  1. Ask A Question To Your Audience 
  2. Run A Poll 
  3. Highlight Another Business Owner’s Page 
  4. Inspirational Quote (Monday Motivation, Wednesday Wisdom, Friday Feelings) 
  5. Fun Facts About Your Brand
  6. Industry Related Article 
  7. A Day In The Lift Post 
  8. Testimonial From A Client 
  9. Share An Eye Catching Photo From Your Day
  10. Answer A Customer’s Question 
  11. Share An Interesting Statistic 
  12. Long Post Or Story About Your Business 
  13. Recommend A Helpful Tool 
  14. Share A Free Resource That you Use For Your Business
  15. Run A Contest/Giveaway 
  16. An ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) To An Old Blog, Video or Post
  17. Behind The Scenes Pictures Of Your Day 
  18. Pictures Of Your Products/Services.

Now not all of these will be relevant to your particular business, but for those that are it is a great way to fill up that content when you are struggling to be creative due to focusing on other aspects of your business. 

Alternatively you could look to outsource your Social Media platforms to the go to Social Media Marketing Agency in the North West…..Phenomenal Group. 

For further details on how to grow your brand on Social Media get in touch via email only Phenomenal will do for you and your business.