As we always explain to our clients, knowing how your social media channels are performing is of extreme importance. 

One of the first things that we do when we take over a client’s channels is to perform our own internal social audit in order to set ourselves goals for the duration of the agreement. 

But why is this important? 

Well an audit of your channels helps you to understand exactly where they are at in terms of optimisation, performance and engagement. 

It also helps to understand what the positives and negatives of your current social media approach is with SWOT analysis. 

Why should you do this regularly? 

Regularly auditing your social channels means that you can ensure everything is fine tuned and as you want it to be, things may have changed for your brand over a period of time, but you’d not updated contact information meaning that you’ve missed out on potential clients contacting you. 

Or your website address may have changed and you haven’t updated it so people aren’t seeing all your products and services. 

Picture this, you’ve made changes, you’ve moved to a bigger premises, you’ve changed your contact details, but you’ve not updated your social channels to reflect this, your audience is ringing a number that no longer exists, visiting a premises that you are no longer at, where are they going to go? 

If they aren’t messaging on your socials then it’s more than likely because they are going to your competitors. 

Now we aren’t saying that this is a common mistake that businesses make but it’s always good to be prepared and regularly auditing your channels keeps your eyes on the prize.

What goes into a Social Audit? 

Well, it’s an in-depth look at your channels, but don’t worry you’re not going to have to create one from scratch on an excel spreadsheet, we’ve done it all for you and we are giving you the opportunity to utilise one that we use for FREE! 

Click here to see our Social Audit spreadsheet template. 

When you want to edit it, all you’ll do is “Make A Copy” and rename it to your Google sheets as “insert company name, Social Audit Spreadsheet” and you’re good to go with starting your audit. 

But what if it looks too complex? Or you don’t have time to do it? 

Well that’s where we come in, as a leading Social Media Agency we’d be more than happy to have a conversation about how outsourcing your social channels to us can save you time and hassle whilst growing your brand and leads. 

To arrange a free 30 minute consultation call simply email info@phenomenal-group.co.uk  with the subject “Social Media Consultation”.