The simple answer is yes you should, but it’s important to why you should.

We work with businesses across the country who want to grow their customer base and Social Media Marketing is an intricate part of that process, however it’s all good having banging content posted day in and day out but if it’s not leading to sales then it needs reevaluating.

Normally in these circumstances business owners look to the content that is being put out and wonder if it is working for their brand, this is fine but due to algorithms and how often content is consumed by Social Media users you as a business owner are fighting a never ending battle to be seen.

This is where Facebook AD’s come into it, your facebook business page and websites are your virtual shop fronts in a world that is becoming more and more virtual. You want to reach as many people as possible consistently so that they can either buy from you directly or become implanted in their brain that they recommend you to their friends/family when the time comes.

With a Facebook Ad’s strategy each month you can target more people than organic posting tends to reach.

You know your ideal customer, or you may want to test to see if your ideal customer varies on Social Media, with Facebook Ad’s this allows you to reach them directly using different options such as area, age, gender, interests, buying habits.

You can use Facebook Ad’s to dig down in to what makes your client base tick, and this can be extremely beneficial to both sales and brand growth on Social Media.

The really interesting thing is though….Facebook AD’s can be extremely cheap! Yes that’s right they can be cheap based on your results and if you are implementing them correctly and these results can shape how you structure future campaigns.

We recommend to our clients that they have a budget available each month towards facebook ad’s if that is their primary Social Media platform that they use because it can be turned into a rolling marketing campaign to help continuously grow their brand throughout the year at a small monthly outlay dependent on their budget.

We recently ran a small campaign for a company which was set at £5 per day for a few days to measure the response to the add, this lead to it being seen by over 3000 people and encouraging more than 50 website link clicks. Sure the results don’t sound massive but off a small campaign ran over a few days this is a significant increase in their reach compared to what their organic content had been achieving.

What do you put a side each month for your Facebook AD’s?
Do you have a monthly budget for campaigns?
Have you let your Ad’s slip during the pandemic?

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