We use Linkedin an awful lot for our business, it’s a key driver in the B2B industry and can be instrumental in ensuring that you have a flow of leads and sales.

Linkedin originally started off as a Recruitment platform but over the years has morphed into a fantastic platform for making new connections which can be suppliers, new clients and new employees.

Whenever we begin with a new client for our Social Media services we’ll always ask them if they are on Linkedin for both their personal profile and their business. Normally if it’s B2C we’ll be met with a firm no for a Business Page, and a yes for their personal profile.

We believe that regardless of if you are B2B or B2C then your business should be on multiple platforms including being on Linkedin,

But why would we say this? Well even if you are B2C the people, yes the people on Linkedin are still potential customers for your business meaning that it is always good to have a linkedin profile and business page as part of your Social Media strategy even though it may not make up a massive part of your Social Media strategy at this stage.

When it comes to your Linkedin profile though it is very important to make sure that you are utilising it properly for when people want to collect with you. (Once again this is for either if you are B2B or B2C)

Your personal Linkedin profile is a landing platform for people you want to connect with so ensuring that it is fully optimised is a massive driver on if people will connect with you and do business with you or not.

Ask yourself, how often do you get turned off on Facebook or Twitter when you get a friend request or a follower who has no profile picture and just the grey’d out silhouette showing? It’s frustrating, it’s annoying and it can instantly put you off in wanting to get fully involved in interacting with that person.

Here we look at a few keys tips for your Linkedin profile in order to sell yourself to potential connections.

1. Profile Picture – Stand the F**k out!

Your Linkedin profile picture is the way that people get to see what type of person you are, you are on a professional platform and 99/100 people want to see a professional headshot, not you on the p**s with the lads, on a girls holiday in a bikini or even a group picture.

A headshot either in front of a white screen or with the background removed and your brands colours used in the background is what we suggest as the ideal profile picture to stand out.

2. Your Cover Picture

Your Cover Picture on your profile should not be blank, it should show the business you represent or the role that you represent.

Make sure though that when creating your cover banner (1584x396px size) that it is good quality imagery and that key information that you don’t want missing out by your connections is not hidden by your profile picture.

3. Your Name

This should be fairly explanatory but you’d be surprised at the number of people who try to sneak in an emoji or two into their name thinking it’ll make them jump above others with the same name on the Linkedin system. It won’t and it looks bit tacky.

Simply type your name in as how you’d like to be address, for example our Director is called Christopher Murray but for all his Social media platforms he is called Chris because that is how he wants others to address him.

All you want is your actual physical name, nothing more, nothing less, no emojis, no job title etc.

4. Your Headline

This section underneath your name is key information that you want to get across to your audience, and before you ask, yes you can use emoji’s on this one should you wish.

What makes a good headline? The messaging needs to be easy to understand and calling out to the pain points of those potential clients of yours that you wish to connect with.

You don’t want this to be just a job title or the company you are running, you want it to offer a potential solution to a problem that they have and encourage them to reach out to find out more.

5. Cover Story

Ok so for this one you’ll need the Linkedin app on your phone, by the side of your profile picture there will be a plus sign, this is where you can create your 30 second Cover Story.

What is this though? It’s a 30 second video business card which you use to introduce yourself and highlight what you do and how you can help with the pain points that potential connections may have, this will help with making that first impression because remember people buy people.

6. Name Pronunciation

Once again this is in the app, on the profile page, click the pen symbol in the right hand corner and you’ll find a tab entitled “Name Pronunciation”.

Use this as a 10 second elevator pitch to show how you want your name to be said but also to outline what you do and what pain points again you can help your customers with.

These are 6 ways to optimise your profile in the early stages for in the search options on Linkedin and gives potential connects a small window into you and your business meaning that you can use the platform to start the selling of your goods and services more.

Why not get that Linkedin profile updated this afternoon?

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