It’s approaching that time of year, EXPO season, the season in which businesses gather together in large venues to exhibit their goods and services to delegates from all different areas.

But, the question today is..

Is Your Business Expo Ready?

What do we mean by this?

Well you’ve signed up to exhibit at a Business Fair, perhaps you’ve signed up to The North West Premier Business Fair in association with The Best of Bury and Square Peg Associates which takes place in one month’s time. We’re a Room Sponsor by the way for that event! You’ve decided you want to get in front of those delegates to talk about what you do because you’re phenomenal at it but how does your business look to those delegates?

It’s all about how you present yourself, this is your opportunity to be seen and to make new connections, but what are you handing out to the delegates?

Perhaps you’ve got old leaflets with out of date details on sat in that box in the corner that you had meant to use previously for a Direct Mail campaign?

Or you’ve got Business cards that don’t have all your Social Media icons on because you’ve joined TikTok or Instagram recently?

It’s ok to think that this will do, but to quote Eminem in Lose Yourself…

If you had one shot
Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture it
Or just let it slip?

Your business needs to be on fire from the minute those delegates reach your exhibition stand because first impressions matter, regardless of whether you know them in passing or have been acquaintances for years the way you appear on the night (or day) is paramount.

Take a look at all your promo material, has it been out of the way since the last time you exhibited or have you never exhibited before? Would you be happy with how those delegates see you or could you benefit from having new promo material to wow the socks off them?

We can help with this, as a full service Social Media, Marketing, Advertising and Branding Agency it is our job to help you spread that message, and to make sure you’re business stands out at every opportunity whether this is with new business cards, leaflets, brochures, roller banners, fabric backdrops or something unique.

Don’t be that business that doesn’t take pride in it’s appearance.

Arrange your new promotional material today by simply contacting the office, why? Because only Phenomenal will do for your business.

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email – info@phenomenal-group.co.uk