You’ll have seen recently we’ve been putting out a few videos talking about changes to the Instagram app and how you can make use of them.

Instagram is becoming a vital part of businesses Social Media Strategy but it is ever evolving meaning that you have to have your finger on the pulse when it comes to content (or have a phenomenal social media agency that does that for you) 

In this blog we’ll look at the 5 recent changes and what they mean for your Social Media Strategy. 

  1. Colabs – Ok, so hear us out, this is brilliant for small businesses (especially ones in the same area) – this new feature gives you the option to add a collaborator to your post and allows for them to accept an invite which automatically shares the post to their feed meaning that both brands get double the exposure. This is a massive win in our books considering the businesses we work and collaborate with. 
  2. Hashtags – hashtags are a great tool to use for exposure, you should always know if something related to your industry, niche or area is trending but previously it was advised that to gain maximum exposure that you should use up to 30 hashtags on each post, but instagrams own creator account has since come out and stated that the recent changes mean that you should be looking to use between 3 and 5 hashtags per post meaning that your content will be seen better because of the audiences searching specific hashtags related to your industry or service. This also means that you have to research regularly which hashtags will work for you rather than picking ones that have zero relevance to your brand.
  3. Reels – Reels are short form video designed to put your brand infront of new eyes away from your current followers. They allow you to provide a small insight into what you do and video content is fast becoming the most consumed social media content. Of course you need to make sure that you are filming your video in the correct format and creating content that is relevant to your particular niche but after you’ve had a play about with it it can be a very useful tool for your social media strategy.
  4. Posting from desktop – If you’ve got a Social Media Marketing agency acting on your behalf (like us) or have an in-house marketing team you’ll understand how frustrating it was that everything ok Instagram either had to be scheduled or posted off a mobile device especially when you create phenomenal graphics like we do. Now Instagram has allowed the use of posting from desktop which means when we create graphics we no longer have to airdrop or email to a mobile to post onto Instagram but can just post from our laptop or pc saving so much time. 
  5. IGTV is no more – Instagram have decided to stop messing about with their video strategy for their users by removing the IGTV feature which was a separate channel to the usual feed. Now they’ve replaced it with Instagram video which shows you up to 2 minutes as a preview and shows on your feed. They’ve even been nice and added a video icon into the home page of your profile to separate your videos so you can see what you’ve posted. 

We hope these 5 points help with your Instagram Marketing strategy for your brand. 

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