Social Media / Marketing / Branding

The Green Utilities

Coyne & Woods Group reached out to us to help them with the creation of their group of companies, primarily our early work was to build the brand of The Green utilities which is a Utility broker based in Bury.

The initial concept was to design the logo and business cards ahead of launching before creating the graphics and written content seen on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin accounts.


As part of the package we designed the brand from top to bottom, manage their monthly social media as well as managing their overall marketing strategy which includes;

  • Creating Daily Content
  • Audience Engagement
  • Content Scheduling
  • Design promotional and Marketing material
  • Managing the process for Marketing the business in other forms such as in Magazines, TV, Radio
  • Montly Marketing Meetings to discuss targets and key KPI’s


Once these were in place and a solid audience base built we then began working on the concept of the group of companies such as the corporate identity, this included designing the brand for Key Estate, Payment Solutions and other arms of their business.

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